Synonyms and related words:
accordance, agreement, alikeness, alliance, analogy, aping, approach, approximation, assimilation, broken record, clockwork regularity, closeness, coequality, coincidence, community, comparability, comparison, conformity, congruence, constancy, copying, correspondence, daily round, dingdong, drone, equality, equivalence, equivalency, even pace, even tenor, homogeneity, homoousia, humdrum, identity, imitation, indistinguishability, invariability, irk, irksomeness, likeness, likening, metaphor, mimicking, monologue, monotone, monotonousness, monotony, nearness, no difference, oneness, orderliness, par, parallelism, parity, regularity, resemblance, sameliness, self-identity, selfhood, selfness, selfsameness, semblance, similarity, simile, similitude, simulation, singsong, smoothness, synonymity, synonymousness, synonymy, tedium, the beaten track, the daily round, the round, the squirrel cage, the treadmill, the weary round, treadmill, undeviation, undifferentiation, uniformity, unity, unvariation, wearisome sameness

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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  • Sameness — Same ness, n. 1. The state of being the same; identity; absence of difference; near resemblance; correspondence; similarity; as, a sameness of person, of manner, of sound, of appearance, and the like. A sameness of the terms. Bp. Horsley. [1913… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • sameness — index constant, correspondence (similarity), facsimile, identity (similarity), par (equality) …   Law dictionary

  • sameness — 1660s, from SAME (Cf. same) + NESS (Cf. ness) …   Etymology dictionary

  • sameness — [n] likeness, similarity adequation, alikeness, analogy, equality, equivalency, identicalness, identity, indistinguishability, monotony, no difference, oneness, par, parity, predictability, repetition, resemblance, selfsameness, standardization,… …   New thesaurus

  • sameness — [sām′nis] n. 1. the state or quality of being the same; identity or uniformity 2. lack of change or variety; monotony …   English World dictionary

  • sameness — [[t]se͟ɪmnəs[/t]] N UNCOUNT: usu with supp The sameness of something is its lack of variety. He grew bored by the sameness of the speeches …   English dictionary

  • sameness — noun 1. the quality of being alike (Freq. 3) sameness of purpose kept them together • Ant: ↑difference • Derivationally related forms: ↑same • Hypernyms: ↑quality …   Useful english dictionary

  • sameness — same|ness [ seımnəs ] noun uncount a lack of change or variety: There was a sameness about much of the music …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • sameness — UK [ˈseɪmnəs] / US noun [uncountable] a lack of change or variety There was a sameness about much of the music …   English dictionary

  • sameness — same ► ADJECTIVE 1) (the same) exactly alike; not different or changed. 2) (this/that same) referring to a person or thing just mentioned. ► PRONOUN 1) (the same) the same thing as previously mentioned. 2) ( …   English terms dictionary

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